Saas (Security as a Service)

Integrating a full security plan from perimeter to the desktop, from mobile to the cloud, from cloud to the applications within the cloud, is always a challenge. Your environment is significantly more complex than it was 5-10 years ago. Criminal threat organizations are not in any sign slowing down.

Managing security can be a challenge when you layer in the additional complexities of compliance, mandates, new services, performance optimizations and the requirement to evolve with the constantly changing landscape of technology.

Security Solutions within our Portfolio help leading organizations like yours stay abreast of new technology, understand which improvements are right for your infrastructure and create a security roadmap that will position your organization for the future.

Security Options Include: User Security, Vulnerability and Pen Testing, Application Security, Network Security, DDOS Prevention, Endpoint Security, Data Security, Threat & Vulnerability Management, Compliance Auditing, Identity and Access Management, Data Loss/Leak Prevention, Security Audit Services.

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